Coming Soon To Google !!

Coming Soon To Google !!

We can’t wait to share this with you! 💃💃Have you heard of life coming a full circle - well, today it did for all of us at TeaFit

The first time we had an unsweetened bottle of absolutely divine teas was inside the Google office in Tokyo way back in 2014. We were stunned at how smooth and gentle it was. You could just tell you were drinking something that’s nourishing for you. That was the seed for TeaFit

And today, Lord knows We are on cloud number 9 to tell you that TeaFit will now be available at Google India. It’s so surreal for us because we literally have built it brick by brick with no ‘3 years 300 crores and 5 years IPO’ kind of daring plans.


We do what we do because we love what we brew. Everything that happens in the process is incidental to us.

And what thrills our collective hearts is that the process with Google was so democratic, it didn’t matter how well known you are, how much PR is behind you, who do you know, listing fees. None of us from the team were even allowed inside. Just the product, them drinking and voting!

We literally won an election without prachar. That’s the unfair advantage product first startups will always have - even in a blind taste test, you can just tell quality.

Thank you to each one of you - for coming along for the ride and sharing in our joy. We haven’t been super regular here recently because we are working on new products to keep you cozy and warm in the winters!

PS: Please recommend this little company brewing world class beverages to your workplace admins and HR - it would be an honour to delight you at work 🙌🏼❤️

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