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In a world gone sweet....

Have you ever wondered why the beverage aisles have gone absurdly sweet? Why our options range from sickly sweet cola & energy drinks to dangerous sweetener laden diet drinks and nothing remotely good is available for you to consume?

I did too. I come from a family of diabetics and had gestational diabetes during both my pregnancies to the point that I was jabbing myself with insulin during every mealtime. 

The only beverages that I could ever buy from a super market was a bottle of water or dubious  diet drinks. During a chance visit to Japan, I was introduced to the ever present unsweetened beverages - crafted with Japanese teas, toasted grains and their native botanicals. The sheer abundance of choices amazed me - it was truly Alice in Wonderland for me. 

That was the proverbial spark to my dream - if no one was doing it, it was perhaps a sign for me to be the one to pursue this and give the Indian customer a world class beverage experience that they deserve - clean, minimal and authentic.Afterall, we are the country of Ayurveda - there are time tested formulations to improve your gut health, immunity and well being. Why should we be making ourselves sick with syrupy, dodgy beverages being marketed with happiness and cool.  

In a market brimming with brands peddling questionable products via even more questionable marketing strategies, the need for a responsible beverage brand, unafraid to be 100% transparent about ingredients, sourcing, and processes, was evident.


Our journey spanned nearly 18 months and witnessed over 130 iterations – a herculean endeavor. Crafting scalable, real ingredient-based beverages while upholding unwavering consistency in effectiveness, flavor, and mouthfeel was our magnum opus. Our dedicated tea farmers, despite their modest scale, ensured an unwavering supply.

In March 2021, we unveiled our maiden range of unsweetened bottled teas with TeaFit.

We have removed over 30000 kgs of sugar from the Indian diet through our unsweetened products so far.  Our mission remains far from complete. We persistently strive to introduce new products, offer more accessible pricing, and expand our distribution network. Our vision? To make TeaFit as ubiquitous as a cola bottle, available wherever you go.

TeaFit isn't merely a beverage; it's a pledge. A commitment to build a healthier India.

TeaFit is an Amazon Launchpad Brand

Hear our founder Jyoti bharadwaj talk about the partnership between TeaFit and Amazon on Amazon India Channel.

How We Brew TeaFit Iced Tea

Our secret sauce! Every bottle of TeaFit is brewed with our properietary blend of 15 super herbs. The herbs are extracted under low temperatures and specific pressure conditions - so you get only the actives and the top notes! Absolutely flavourful!

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How TeaFit Instant Tea Premix Is Made

Our premixes are made from TeaFit's signature tea extracts in a blend of high quality spices and milk. Our products are seriously unsweetened and free from any nasty sugar, sweeteners or preservatives

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