How we brew TeaFit

TeaFit is made at one of the most advanced bottling plants in india which uses german technology to brew the tea

Our Products

Our delicious range of TeaFit drinks are meant for your consumption and wellbeing. We don’t take this responsibility lightly and are absolutely invested in the quality and safety of our products. Every product in the TeaFit family is made from responsibly sourced ingredients with 100% known antecedents and bottled using world class filing technology. The finest ingredients are brewed together to extract maximum flavor and functionality.


Herbs are sourced from all across India

We source our black teas directly from Tea gardens of Assam and our green teas from the tea gardens of Munnar. 

The herbs and grains are sourced from 6 different regions of India to ensure finest quality & efficacy standards.

These ingredients are then pounded, brewed and blended together to give you the same refreshing taste in every bottle.



It's a logistical challenge to source herbs from the regions most conducive to their quality. But this is our secret sauce. We do it because you deserve the best

We also use a combination of temperature and pressure and duration to make sure that you only get the  benefits and no bitterness


How We Brew TeaFit Iced Tea

Our secret sauce! Every bottle of TeaFit is brewed with our properietary blend of 15 super herbs. The herbs are extracted under low temperatures and specific pressure conditions - so you get only the actives and the top notes! Absolutely flavourful!

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How TeaFit Instant Tea Premix Is Made

Our premixes are made from TeaFit's signature tea extracts in a blend of high quality spices and milk. Our products are seriously unsweetened and free from any nasty sugar, sweeteners or preservatives

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