It’s a hot summer day and you want a cool refreshing drink, but not one of those high sugar, high calorie drinks that are loaded with sugar. Say no to the sugar monster with TeaFit. TeaFit is on a mission to clear up the beverage aisle and bring to you clean, healthy, GUILT FREE drinks! That’s right, our range of Ayurvedic Iced Teas and Instant Tea Premixes are perfect for you, and here’s why

Makes Skin & Hair Glow

Taking care of your hair and skin health starts with what you eat, or in this case drink, and we have the perfect drink for you- TeaFit’s Tangy Toasty Barley Tea! The super herbs in this drink- Kumari and Bhui Amla, Haridra, Khadeer, Anantamula and Alfalfa improve circulation and improve skin health and hair.

We didn’t just stop with that, Gokshar and Noni in the drink also have wondrous Anti Ageing properties to give your skin and hair that extra needed glow!✨

Relieves Stress & Boosts Energy

It’s a long day at work, your mind is stressed out, tired and you're burnt out at only 3pm. Well, no need to worry about that anymore because TeaFit’s Lemon Black Tea is here! TeaFit Bounce has Shankhpushpi and Brahmi for improving mental function, memory, and stress relief and boosting your energy.⚡

We have got you covered. This drink is perfect for everything from workout hydration to office afternoons to everything in between! Shop our Iced tea online

Increases Metabolism

Looking for a drink that helps you lose weight? TeaFit’s Peach Ginger Green Tea is made from the best green tea from Munnar, and is blended with a delicious peach ginger flavor and 15 super herbs. We have handpicked these superherbs- Nigella, Turmeric, Moringa, Licorice, Cinnamon, Amla & 9 other super herbs, from Ayurveda that are known to increase calorie burn. 

That’s right, so this drink can help boost your metabolism, and burn more calories and thereby help you achieve your weight goals as well. 💪

Benefits Of TeaFit Instant Tea Premix

Chai is more than a drink, chai is an emotion, and what if we said you could have that chai guilt-free, and in less than 30 seconds? You read that right, TeaFit’s Instant Tea Premixes can be made in just 30 seconds. Get authentic chai at home in a blink! That’s not the only best part about our Instant Tea Premixes, we also went the extra mile to source the best quality Real Ingredients, there is ZERO SUGAR in the drink which means you can have as many cups a day as you want without feeling guilty.
Now you’re probably wondering how we condensed the goodness, and taste of chai into one easy to carry sachet?

Well, after a lot of research we curated the perfect formula for Chai that has

  • No Preservatives

  • No Maltodextrin(this can cause skin irritation and allergic reactions, you don’t want this anywhere near your food)

  • No Added Food Colours

  • No Gluten

So you can relax and have your cup of chai without worrying about any negative health impacts. Shop our Instant Tea Premixes online