Humble Leadership

Humble Leadership

Meet Jacek Ladachowski, a 22 year veteran ( couldn’t find a better word, suggest if you know) of IKEA.
So this weekend I was at IKEA Navi Mumbai, and spotted an anomaly at the dirty dishes counter at the food court.

This person who was clearly not Indian, despite mask & headgear, was unassumingly collecting dirty dishes from customers and putting them on the conveyer belt. I was curious so I chatted with him ( obviously I called him Jack many times before he corrected me). Turns out he is the Boss of the IKEA food court !

He wasn’t surrounded by his team helping him out with this seemingly ‘menial’ task, making him look good.

He wasn’t doing this for Instagram photo op, no cameras in sight

He wasn’t having a ‘ look at me, I am such a humble leader’ day at work

He literally picked the most modest job of his food court and did it with meditative calm for hours on end. How secure does one have to be, to be able to do this. How motivated must his team feel. Do you think anyone in his team would ever say “ but this is not my area of work, please send a mail to so and so”.

I went in for food but came out with real learning on what true leadership looks like.
What a role model. Big big respect to you sir.
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