The team at Green Apple

The team at Green Apple

When you saw the gentleman on the left, what is the snapshot judgement you formed in your mind?

Last month I was in Indore for production, the hotel I had booked didn't look hygienic and I was travelling with kids.

So walked in to the hotel next door called The Green Apple. It took me sometime to figure out that it was being run by an all women starcast! Not in Mumbai, but on the outskirts of Indore! These girls were ninjas - from getting room linen changed to babysitting the kids.

Really impressed, I wanted to know about the owners. Nikita ( the manager )informed that Mr Momin is the owner and I can find him in the restaurant.

In the restaurant, found this bearded gentleman in traditional attire and asked him about Mr Momin. He said "I am Momin". It took me a good minute to get out of my conditioning and have a conversation with him about his all women crew.

He was refreshingly matter of fact, no big talk of inclusivity, gender equality, celebrating women. "There is no difference in my mind, I just wanted to build a hotel that is safe for families & women guests".

You sir are a hero! We need more like you in this world.
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