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Instant Tea Premix Trial Pack - Unsweetened

Instant Tea Premix Trial Pack - Unsweetened

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Hello, did you click on an advertisement and end up here?

Well, thank you for coming! 

You are here because we want you to try all of our amazing premix flavours because we couldn't make up our minds on which one was our favourite! 

So why don’t you order an Assorted Pack and then DM us on Instagram @drinkteafit with your favourite flavour, and we will redirect our new customers there!

This is an instant tea premix trial pack that offers a variety of flavours. It includes sachets of Indian Spiced Tea, Ginger Tea, Cardamom Tea, and Lemongrass Tea. These teas are made with single estate tea extract and blended with various herbs and spices.

This trial pack provides a convenient way to enjoy flavorful and aromatic milk tea without the need for steeping or additional preparation time. 

Not only that, our Instant Tea Premixes are a guilt-free indulgence, which means you have as many cups of TeaFit Chai and not regret it (which means add the bigger boxes to your cart)

How are they healthy you ask?

  • No Added Sugar
  • No Nasty Sweeteners
  • No Added colours
  • No Added preservatives
  • No Anticaking agents
  • 100% Natural ingredients

Each box contains 12 sachets, and each sachet weighs 14 grams.

The ingredients vary depending on the flavour, as each contains different spices to achieve its unique taste. However, all of them contain milk powder. Importantly, there is no sugar or artificial sweeteners added to these teas. It's a great way to explore and enjoy a range of tea flavors with the convenience of instant preparation.

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Frequently Asked Questions

All you wanted to know about TeaFit

What is TeaFit

TeaFit is an antidote to a modern life that’s
always buzzing, always connected & always loud. We make teas that help you
fight the stresses of this modern life.


Our drinks are brewed with finest quality tea
leaves & 15 super herbs full of nourishment to make you the healthiest
version of you.

Why Should I Drink TeaFit

Short answer – so we can get out of the ‘hack
mode’ that our lives are perpetually in. Modern life is overwhelming on best of
days & we have all found our hacks to deal with it – lets order food in
since no time to cook

Let me drink that blue energy drink, I have to
work late in the night

No time for breakfast, let me drink that
smoothie from the bottle

Sounds familiar?


In a world with too many opened tabs, too many
apps & too many task lists, TeaFit offers you refreshing nourishment that
strengthens your immune system, keeps your gut happy & naturally boosts
energy levels.

What’s Inside the drink?

Amla (Indian Gooseberry) – Supports healthy
immune response, digestion & is a natural antioxidant. Amazingly rich in
vitamin C, 30 to 60 times more than orange & lemon!


Tulsi – Rich in Vitamin C & Zinc, the holy
basil is a natural immunity booster and keeps infection at bay. Grandma was
right all along !


Himalayan Gokshura – Improves strength,
digestion & immunity


Noni Fruit – A favourite of super models in
Hollywood, the magical noni fruit is excellent for skin and hair health.


Cinnamon – Anti viral, anti bacterial &
antifungal, this bark is as nutritious as its delicious


Alfa Alfa – Helps control blood sugar levels by
slowing the absorption of glucose


Moringa – Rich in Vitamin B6, Vitamin C and
iron, Moringa nourishes skin, hair & makes your bones healthier.


Liquorice root: Ultimate grand ma’s recipe for
cold & cold, Licorice soothes skin irritation, lowers cholesterol &
keeps your gums healthy.